Galvanic is a set of techniques for the coating of manufactured that has begun in the 1700s and has been operating in the industry for about a century.

The evolution has been truly impressive and today, thanks to the galvanic treatments, it is possible to improve certain aspects of the manufactured articles, such as the resistance to corrosion or its electrical, mechanical and optical properties.

Eurogalvano, company avant garde in this sector, offers its services to all busines and in particular the mechanical sector. Particularly numerous interventions are carried out in specific sectors such as the automotive, railway, arms, thermo-sanitary and textile sectors.

Our treatments are particularly requested for handles, housewares, appliances and lighting.

Our galvanic department is particularly modern and consists of both automatic and semi-automatic lines.

The galvanic treatments we can carry out are many and various and take place on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials,please find here is a list: