ADAM prints your pieces and components using an alloy of powdered metal that turns into dense metal in one simple step. Mass sintering provides crystal growth along all the axes giving your components excellent mechanical properties in every direction.

Forget the critical moments made of impossible deadlines impossible during your production cycle. With ADAM technology, your components will be ready within a day, not within a month. Even the plastic parts will be faster to make with the injection molding tool.

Switch directly from CAD to all components with a single compact, clean and accessible platform. Print geometries that are difficult or impossible to manufacture using conventional means and make the lighter components with the triangular infill or create complex internal structures with cavities.

The mechanical properties equivalent to wrought iron will ensure that you can say goodbye to expensive tools to decrease the volume of metal parts. Streamline your assembly line and eliminate your dated inventory by building and printing high-functionality components directly on demand.

Technical Specifications