From 2018 in Eurogalvano we have included the new development and prototyping design section.

To do this we used the new scanning and 3D printing technologies.

We can now develop and design prototype or functional parts in NYLON, LOADED WITH CARBON FIBER, FIBERGLASS, KEVLAR FIBER, also with the new Metal X parts in STEEL, TITANIUM, ALUMINUM, starting from scratch design software or scans, with the latest generation of 3D scanners using reliable tools and innovative materials in a short time.

We are proud to say that we are the first Italian company to install and introduce the METAL 3D PRINTING technology with end-to-end solution that allows to switch from metal powder to solid state in a single step: the so called sintering.

This choice was made primarily to develop our projects and our products, but also to offer our customers the possibility of a complete study from the idea to the final treatment without having to relate on different realities or wasting more ime coordinating processes.

Our company can take care of the entire supply chain without wasting time and therefore money.

At our laboratories you will find maximum availability in checking up studies on projects, feasibility assessments and resources necessary for implementation.

All in order to offer a valid collaboration, an improvement in mostly processes and the reduction of costs.

Mark Two 3D Printer

The Mark Two 3D printer with Markforged’s industrial strength, is the only one on the market today that gives you the opportunity to switch: from CAD to resistant, rigid parts that you can rely on to achieve design goals.

Metal X Printer

ADAM prints your pieces and components using an alloy of powdered metal that turns into dense metal in one simple step. Mass sintering provides the growth of crystals along all the axes.