What is the laser tube?

A new state-of-the-art machine that processes metal profiles using laser technology. Among the various types of processing, cutting, engraving, drilling and marking are the main examples.

Laser technology finds application in numerous range. Its use in the industrial field, in particular, is highly recognized: the laser tube makes it possible to achieve a very high level of productivity, high precision and quality.

How does the laser tube work?

The laser tube, by means of the laser beam, hits the portion of material undergoing processing and heats it until it melts and vaporizes. Through this process it is able to intervene on the metal with absolute precision, cutting it and thus reaching the desired shape.

Lasertube features and benefits

This brand new machine allows the laser cutting of round, square and rectangular profiles, special sections and open profiles up to 23 kg / m in weight and diameter, starting from 10 mm up to 150 mm.

Here are the characteristics of the machine and the resulting advantages:

  • high productivity
  • flexibility
  • quality and precision of the pieces
  • optimized use of the material
  • practical management of scraps
  • 3D cutting: three-dimensional processing of the tube

Eurogalvano further expands its plans section by welcoming Lasertube LT7, thus equipping itself with excellence in the field of laser tube cutting.

This technology joins the deep and consolidated experience in the field of surface treatments, thus providing customers with the possibility of a complete development of the projects, starting from the idea up to the packaging of the product, following step by step optimizing both the economic and management aspects.

Laser Welding Machine

A revolution in the world of welding.

Eurogalvano, after the purchase of the new Laser TubeL7, has added a brand new laser welding machine to its fleet.
Easy to use, it allows you to make very fine welds without losing strength, thanks to the high quality laser.
It is possible to weld up to 5mm and is a perfect replacement for other welding methods.
It has an integrated interactive control system that allows you to vary the range, angle and width of the weld, allowing the application of different techniques depending on the work to be done and depending on the surface to be welded.
It is possible to work with or without material infeed with an automatic wire feeding system

Forget rough welds and discover aesthetic and professional finishes, almost invisible.

The new LaserTubeL7 and the new laser welding machine create a winning combination for the creation of customized products, prototype structures and much more.

Stainless steel
Galvanized steel
Carbon steel