It is an electro-static spray painting based on teflon black color “bruniton type” that is tendentially opaque. Once deposited, it is polymerized at a temperature of 210 ° C in a suitable oven. The parts treated with painting must first be prepared by mechanical sandblasting and manganese phosphating in such a way as to obtain the ideal gripping conditions. The details are then oiled with appropriate oils.

The detail is given a homogeneous opaque black color, obtaining an ideal smoothness for all moving parts that need to be self-lubricated.

This kind of spray painting improves smoothness considerably.

With the painting we can coat steel, iron, aluminum, aluminum alloys, brass, and all previously galvanized materials.

Some features:

Gloss: 13 +/- 3 units / 60° angle

Viscosity: 60 +/- 10 secs / 4 mm / 23 ° C / DIN 53211

Film thickness: 5-30 microns