Technological innovation and more production efficiency for Eurogalvano. The company expands its machines by introducing LT7, the new generation of Lasertube.

An excellence in the field of laser tube cutting, Lasertube LT7 is a new state-of-the-art machine that processes metal profiles using laser technology. The high productivity and the flexibility of use characterized this system.

What are the benefits of using Lasertube LT7?

Lasertube LT7 allows the laser cutting of round, square and rectangular profiles, special sections and open profiles up to 23 kg/m in weight and diameter, starting from 10 mm up to 150 mm. It also ensures quality, precision and the optimization of the material being processed.

The high technology and the innovative devices of the machine allow the production process to easily adapt to the conditions of the materials to be processed. In fact, the machine configures itself automatically, adapting itself to the new section to be cut even if it is different from the previous one. The result is the continuity of the production process and the speed of production changes. The arrangement on the bar of the material also allows the reduction of the final waste.

It is also necessary to emphasize the convenience of the operator to manage the system. Easy to use and maintain, LT7 has three loading positions, to ensure a fast and easy changeover.

Thanks to the double-opening sliding doors, the access to the entire work line allows immediate manual loading of the single bars; the adjustable console makes both programming and data access convenient; to conclude, a large door allows you to inspect the cutting area.

For the control of Lasertube LT7, Protube is the software that plans the work of the entire plant and monitors its production. Specifically, Protube distributes the work orders of the company management system to all connected machines, making the process completely automated.

This kind of program organization leads to the definition of precise estimates in terms of costs and time, in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to Lasertube LT7, Eurogalvano wants to make its production and work even more efficient and in step with the times; also in the field of laser tube cutting.