Eurogalvano performs METALLOGRAPHIC tests, the most precise and reliable optical control available today:

  • It allows the understanding of the chemical, physical, mechanical and technological characteristics of the base metal materials and the detection of galvanic thicknesses and their quality.
  • Evaluate the influence of operating conditions on the behavior of metallic materials.
  • Allows checking the correspondence of the material and the galvanic coatings to the specific requests.
  • Allows recognition of any anomalies of compactness, adhesion and thickness of the galvanic coatings and the identification of the causes.

Eurogalvano has all the necessary tools and technical knowledge to perform optical metallography in its laboratory with qualified personnel.

Customize of already existing carryovers – first sampling checks and production control – is possible.

With this method Eurogalvano is able to release documents that certify with extreme precision the quality of deposits made.