To complete the range of services offered by Eurogalvano it also includes the treatment done with transparent paint in its processes and is able to receive from the customer the raw product and return it finished without the help of sub-suppliers.

The two-component transparent non-yellowing electrostatic paint becomes part of our services!

Equipped with a high glossy look and fullness, it is characterized by its exceptional direct adhesion on metal supports (steel, aluminum, copper, brass, galvanized steel, carbon fiber, etc …)

Used in the furniture industry, objects, components, items for indoor / outdoor.

Our plant is equipped with 6-axis anthropomorphic ROBOT, this allows us to obtain high quality that – together with the guarantee of repeatability of the process – make our painting one of the best available on the market.

Mixing process takes place automatically:

The mixing process is based on a constant flow of the base: the catalyst is injected in low flow and high frequency and regulated under pressure. The injection is done directly in the base stream at the mixer level.

In this way we can obtain a constant mixing of the product, maintaining a high quality over time.

Ottonatura su placche

The ROBOT is equipped with a last generation rotary cup steamer.

Equipped with a magnetic bearing turbine, it allows to pulverize with a rotation speed of 45,000 rpm improving the production quality with significant paint savings and high deposition uniformity.

The best technology is available together with the experience of our staff to ensure our customers the best that the market can offer today.

The features that are offered by our coating are essentially:

  • Covering
  • Gloss
  • Smoothness
  • Adhesion to the substrate
  • Physical and mechanical properties (hardness, wear resistance, impact resistance)
  • Resistance to chemical agents
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Durability