Eurogalvano s.r.l. is able to offer among the wide range of its treatments the cathodic pulverization, cathode spraying or cathodic vaporization, (in English sputtering, means “spraying”), process in which there is emission of atoms, ions or molecular fragments from a solid material said target, (target), bombarded with a beam of energetic particles (generally ions) allowing the chroming, brassing and plating of plastics and metals with a totally Green process.

Eurogalvano s.r.l. also offers the industrial application of Metallization which takes place by deposition of aluminum.

Metallization, means deposition on a substrate of a thin film of metal in a vacuum condition. The vacuum allows the metal molecules to move from the evaporation source to the surfaces to be coated without encountering the impediment of air and other gaseous particles.

processo di sputterin su maniglia
metallizazione su prodotto in metallo

The Metallization in vacuum allows to cover any type of material indiscriminately from the shape, geometry and size obtaining both technical and decorative objects with a bright, reflecting, metallic appearance as well as variously colored. Furthermore, the high strength of the surfaces obtained gives a long-lasting appearance to the products.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low temperature ecological processes
  • Zero slag or by-products from processing

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