In order to guarantee a very complete high quality service, Eurogalvano also offers various types of surface preparation:



Metal deburring is the operation in which the finishing and polishing operations are carried out, as well as the elimination of all the imperfections on the edges of the object, in particular the metal burrs.


In the process of grinding metal, each piece is processed manually with accuracy and precision, initially with abrasive bands with large grits and gradually more and more fine, until reaching an appropriate level of honing through the grinding process.


Polishing allows you to remove all sanding marks from the object, making it ready for the next galvanic passage.
The metal polishing process takes place through the rubbing, in special manual or automatic machinery, of objects with appropriate abrasive pastes able to guarantee the desired level of surface finish and to prevent possible chemical attacks on the objects to be processed.


Dry tumbling

Of considerable value and used on details even in place of manual cleaning.
Particularly suitable to give a perfect surface finish to a large number of pieces of various sizes.
The process of tumbling occurs by rolling the pieces in a tumbler with a precious and special abrasive material shaped to the purpose, to obtain a perfect finish.

Wet tumbling

“Vibratory polishing” is the action produced by the relative movement between different elements of a mass. This mass consists of pieces in bulk to be treated and a liquid solution of a chemical product, the energy for the relative movement is supplied by a plant or a machine and the liquid in this case acts as cushion and get a better finish.


The metal polishing is a particular finishing process with a result comparable to “mirror polishing”, particularly suitable for small parts or materials of various sizes.
The effect is obtained through a slight vibration in contact with soft abrasive material of various sizes, together with the use of some specific chemical additives.


Sandblasting is a mechanical cleaning of the surfaces, it can be used to prepare surfaces for painting, for galvanic coating and to give a certain roughness.

Eurogalvano has several sanders for cleaning and surface preparation:

  • Manual
  • Automatic belt
  • Automatic Buratto
  • Automatic in rotation

By applying different types of abrasive products (such as gray, white, brown corundum, glass microspheres, steel or cast iron) we are able to obtain different types of finish

In fact, surface roughness is mainly a function of the granulometry and the quality of the abrasive and of the initial conditions of the metal surface to be sandblasted.

Eurogalvano is able to monitor all the roughness parameters, using the Rugosimeter tool.

The most used parameters to control the roughness of a sandblasted surface (expressed in microns) are (according to DIN 4768):

  • Ra: average roughness – arithmetic mean of the absolute values ​​of all the ridges and the valleys measured along the sample stretch
  • Rmax or Rt: maximum or total roughness – distance between the highest ridge and the deepest valley measured along the sample stretch;
  • Rz: average roughness – arithmetic average between the 5 major crests and the 5 deepest valleys measured along the sample stretch.