Eurogalvano s.r.l. also offers powder coating, a coating process for small and large metal surfaces in all shades of color.
Thanks to the electrostatic painting we can obtain for on any material a homogeneous distribution of the paint and a longer duration in time.
Eurogalvano s.r.l. has two powder coating systems with manual and automatic painting stations ensuring quality and constant control of the application both on small and medium-sized parts.


The industrial powder coating is made using powder products with an electrostatic system. Applied as a finish or as a background treatment, depending on the type of paint product chosen and the environment in which it will be used, the electrostatic painting is particularly suitable for materials that need an aesthetic and elastic coating.
The pieces being processed are covered with a layer of paint powder that adheres to the material by electrostatic effect, and then passes into an oven where the paint first melts and then polymerizes at a temperature of 180°.

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